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 Where execution

   trumps strategy

We are the HOW To experts. 


Step-by-step we walk you through the critical 5 year start-up period for the long-term impact of your community service.

Our Nonprofit Progression Institute, Impact Institute and Consulting services motivate and improve the performance of community initiatives launched by start-up and small nonprofits throughout the United States.   We are the only nonprofit business incubator that gives start-up and small nonprofits the competitive advantage by allowing them to nest during the critical 1-5 year development period to consistently progress in mastering how to grow and sustain a nonprofit organization


Our unique training and consulting approach is fortifying the endurance of startup and small nonprofits that are positively impacting under served communities in Africa, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, D.C.  These organizations are learning how apply business strategies to transform positive ideas into productive action.


For individuals, start-up and small nonprofits, foundations and businesses, we offer both one-one-one/group sessions and onsite/virtual consulting and training services.  To learn more about our pioneering work visit:


  • Vision and Mission - Highlights our commitment to start-up & small nonprofits.
  • Research - Outlines the business case for providing 5 years of ongoing training to small nonprofits.
  • Who We Serve - Describes services to individuals, nonprofits, philanthropists and for-profits.
  • Results - Showcases our success in working with nonprofits with projects in the U.S. and Africa.