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About Us

Manage-2-Manage, LLC is a women-owned business with a combined 50+ years in nonprofit management. Since 2005, we specialize in consulting and teaching start-up nonprofits and philanthropists how to successfully achieve positive and sustainable impact in community service during the first five critical years of operation and beyond.



Natache Muschette, CEO, has 25 years of expertise in managing, coaching and teaching nonprofits with budgets from $2,000 to $20 million to maximize community impact.  Prior to founding Manage-2-Manage, she served as Executive Director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Center for Workforce Preparation.  Ms. Muschette holds a MA in Nonprofit Management from Eastern University and a B.A. in Management from Columbia Union College.






Stephaine Foster

Stephaine Foster, our Vice President, is highly skilled in the areas of strategic communications, organizational development and grants management for nonprofit organizations.  Her 14 years of experience in organizational management for the non-profit and for-profit sectors includes strategic planning, leadership, career development, board governance and workforce development.  Mrs. Foster has a M.S. in Organizational Development & Strategic Human Resources from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Education Studies in the Workplace from Catholic University.

Our Team of Experts include: 


Carmella Mazzotta

Carmella Mazzotta directs our philanthropic activities.  Ms. Mazzotta brings over 25 years of experience in raising substantial contributions by organizing philanthropic partnerships and campaigns focused on specific outcomes around both simple and complex issues.  She has served as a leading consultant for the Office of State Superintendent for Education, State of Maryland and the Black Student Fund.  Carmella holds a MS in Education from Syracuse University, a Master of Professional Studies in Political Management from George Washington University, and a Bachelors of Arts from SUNY. 


Ade Otenaike

Mr. Otenaike expertise is in education and literacy projects including international development in Africa.  He develops sustainable capacity building strategies for replicating Lifelong Learning Centers, libraries and housing throughout rural communities in Africa.  Ade championed the development of the first library in Mandinaba and supports school building projects in Africa and Texas.  He brings over 19 years experience with government agencies and private corporations.  Ade graduated with a Master of Science in Non-Profit Management from Eastern University and holds a BS in Computer Studies at University of Maryland.  To learn more about his projects visit


Local, National and International Partners
Manage-2-Manage prides itself not only through the provision of quality services, but through the establishment of productive relationships with both national and international organizations and businesses. Our partners provide quality public relations, communications, philanthropic alliances, mobile marketing, finance and organizational development services. M2M partners include the BOS Group, Concepts Inc., Rudare Communications (Spain) and Paul Liberman Financial Services.