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 Where execution

   trumps strategy

The Nonprofit Progression Institute

From Start -Up to Scale Up to transform positive ideas into productive action

In the competitive nonprofit industry, it is essential that you stay ahead of the pack.  That is why we are experts in guiding start-up and small nonprofits during their first 5 critical years of operation on how to cross the finish line by going from start-up to scale-up

The Nonprofit Progression Institute is the chosen path for nonprofit professionals who want to transform positive ideas about providing quality social services into productive action.  Transformation takes time and this is why one day workshops are not effective in providing the gradual management training required for long-term impact.

Startup and small nonprofits entering the Institute learn the skill to accelerate their evolution from start-up to scale-up.  This is because our Learning Labs step away from one-size fits all workshops to meet you where you are in your current knowledge and accomplishments in nonprofit business management.  By customizing your entry point based on your current skill level, you will avoid repeat learning and focus on progressing your skills to the advanced level.  

Our learning format includes:


Gradual Learning

  • 12 to 60 month incubation cycle that teach HOW TO nonprofit business skills
  • Progressive curriculum for beginner, intermediate and advanced training


Flexible Learning Formats & Schedules

  • One-on-One Coaching for Individuals
  • Group Sessions
  • Weekend Residencies 
  • Mentoring with successful nonprofit leaders
  • Practice sessions with philanthropists


Testing Strategies for Real World Execution

  • Beta testing live nonprofit project to execute strategies.
  • Establishes a baseline with which to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy.

Learning for All

  • Senior staff, board of directors, employees and volunteers can attend the Institute.
  • Customized training for you and your nonprofit partners to strengthen collaboration.


Industry & Skill Set Cohort Design

  • Learners at same learning level AND serving identical fields of community service.  For example, advanced learners in the youth development field would training together
  • This structure avoids repeat learning and focuses on advancing skills.
  • Our cohort design diminishes isolation and paves the way for forming alliances to fill existing service gaps.