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 Where execution

   trumps strategy

Real World Performance

With our Learning Labs you will progress from novice, intermediate and advanced training to building your skills overtime.  During the training, you will use your start-up or small nonprofit as your "live" project for real world execution of your strategies.  This method will result in you being able to establish a baseline with which to measure the strengthens and weaknesses of your message, money and management strategies and make adjustments for effective execution.


Our Learning Labs are the most comprehensive training program to take a nonprofit from start-up to scale up using the curriculum below: 



Starting A Nonprofit Organization
  • Alternatives to Starting a Nonprofit
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Startup Strategic Plan
  • Leadership Board of Directors
  • Community Support & Funding
  • File for Tax Exemption Status


High Performance Business Planning 

  • Tailoring Your Message
  • Business Case & Target Marketing
  • Nonprofit Business Plan
  • Diversified Financing Plan
  • Risk Management Analysis


Ready, Set, Go 

  • Designing the Initial Program
  • Fundraising for the 1st Program
  • Launching the 1st Program
  • Program Management
  • Measuring Impact of the 1st Program
  • PR for the 1st Program



Management & Fundraising 

  • Theories, Strategies & Systems
  • Policies, Laws and Procedures
  • Building a Fundraising Board
  • Capacity Building Funraising
  • Operations & Financial Controls
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Accountability-By-Design



  • Designing a Talented Workforce
  • Effective HR Policies & Procedures
  • Supervisory Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Workforce Flexibility


Programs, Grants & Evaluation

  • Designing Programs and Projects
  • Fundraising for Programs & Evaluations
  • Program/Project Management
  • Managing Single/Multi-Year Grants
  • Measuring Impact
  • Evidenced-Based Research & Reporting


Technology & Social Networking

  • Technology Systems
  • Social Networking Plan & Tools
  • Management of Social Networking
  • Grants for Technology




Speaking the Language of Funders

  • Building Multi-Year Funding Alliances
  • Public Speaking Exercises
  • Advanced Development Planning
  • Storytelling and Marketing Techniques
  • Practice Sessions with Philanthropic Mentors




  • Basics of Nonprofit Advocacy
  • Building Constituency Support
  • Advanced Partnership Development
  • Online Advocacy Tools & Outreach



Public Relations-By-Design

  • Basics of Public Relations
  • Forming Media Alliances
  • Online PR Tools & Strategies
  • Writing PR Materials


Simple Replication-By-Design

  • How To Replicate Your Program
  • Collaborating for Expansion of Services
  • Piloting & Management
  • Evidenced Based Reporting