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 Where execution

   trumps strategy

Our Learning Labs will help you stay on the path of success or guide you on how to change course if your nonprofit is faced with challenges.

Accelerating the Transfer Knowledge into Action

Our unique educational methods step away from traditional one-size fits all workshops.


Instead we have structured each one-on-one or group learning labs to speed-up the transformation of knowledge into action using novice, intermediate and advanced training in specific nonprofit management areas -- to keep you on the path of success.

Specialized Curriculum for Small Nonprofits


Our curriculum is designed to teach start-up and small nonprofits HOW TO manage their organization in a businesslike manner.  It anwers the questions of how to design the message, money and management around transforming positive ideas for community services into productive action.


Start-Up and small nonprofits  learn how to identify the basic issues in the long-term management of nonprofit that will sustain community initiatives and develop and execute a comprehensive plan for doing it.