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Client Showcase - Quality Assessment and Review of Nonprofits


Online Resources for Veterans


The National Resource Directory,

through a partnership with the

Department of Defense, Labor and

Veterans Affairs, in Washington,

D.C. connects Veterans, and their

families to services and resources

that support recovery, rehabilitation

and community reintegration.





Leadership Training for Missionaries


The Rock University in San Diego,

California offers a 9-month discipleship

training program designed to teach

individuals missionary skills for local

and international humanitarian projects.

Quality Assessments of Nonprofits


Manage-2-Manage is honored to be a part of Concepts, Inc. outstanding effort to build the National Resource Directory (NRD) as an online library of resources for our soldiers and their families.  The NRD now hosts over 12,000 resources for veterans.


Results & Impact


Since 2009, Manage-2-Manage continues to design Quality Review Processes (QRPs) for not-for-profit, churches, faith-based organizations and other entities listed on the NRD library.  The QRP is used to verify the legitimacy of tax exempt organization and establishes the participation policy that determines eligibility for inclusion on the NRD.  Additionally, we are using our QRPs to assess and add hundreds of nonprofit organizations.


Pre- Assessment Planning


In 2010, the Rock University was at a moment in its lifecycle when the potential for growth outweighed available resources.  Through pro bono consultation with Manage-2-Manage, it began exploring ways formulate and execute sustainability strategies to support future growth in its humanitarian projects.  Discussions centered on ways to design, examine and integrate sustainability tools that would multiply international outreach to 195 countries.  


Proposed Plan of Action


In 2010, as a result of consultation discussion, Manage-2-Manage received a request to submit a proposal to develop our Impact Management Action Plan (I-MAP).  The I-MAP will complete an assessment, identify the basic issues in sustaining promising local and international missionary initiatives and will design a comprehensive plan for doing it.