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Who We Serve - Nonprofits

Our Nonprofit Progression Institute provides a 1 to 5 year nonprofit business incubator that builds the business and accountability expertise of nonprofit professionals.   We are strengthening the capacity of start-up and small nonprofits using our HOW TO Curriculum and Learning Labs  that nurtures the long-term development of community services beyond start-up grants.  Our clients represent nonprofits that are:


  • Startup and Small Nonprofits - Nonprofits in its first five years of operations and has an operating budget of less than $500,000 that desire to master business management, fund raising and workforce development to grow its operation.


  • Accountability - Using our IMPACT Institute, nonprofits receive assistance with strengthening its accountability in IRS compliance, finance, grant management, reporting and program evaluations.  We also assists nonprofits with resolving concerns with the IRS that may lead to a suspension or termination of the tax exempt status.


We excel at this by teaching novice, intermediate and advanced skills for each phase of nonprofit business development.  As a result, overtime, you will become less dependent on capacity building grants and consultants and more reliant on multi-year, diverse funding, a talented workforce and high performance management systems.